A leading anti-abortion group is attacking Hillary Clinton for supporting abortion rights late into pregnancy.

In a 36-second video posted on its Facebook page Tuesday, the Susan B. Anthony List features the story of Micah, a premature infant born at 22 weeks and four days.

"He was just remarkable, he had life in him, he had a soul," Micah's mother says in the ad. "For somebody to say that a baby at 20 weeks doesn't have the right to live, I want to tell them to come and see Micah."

SBA List and other anti-abortion groups have been pushing for a federal ban on abortions 20 weeks past fertilization, commonly considered 22 weeks of pregnancy, based on the idea that fetuses at that point can feel pain. Babies born at 22 weeks rarely but sometimes survive, as in the case of Micah.

Clinton and most other Democrats oppose the "pain capable" bans, saying they are based on faulty science and unfairly limit women who might seek an abortion after learning their children would have a severe abnormality.

Polls show that a majority of Americans fall somewhere in the middle on whether abortion should be legal, but a majority agree with banning abortion past 20 weeks of pregnancy.

"Hillary Clinton is advocating for late-term abortions, this is a child's life at stake and she is not cherishing that baby's life," SBA List's video says. "Hillary Clinton's position on late-term abortions is just too extreme."

The video is featured only on SBA List's Facebook page currently, but the group is trying to raise money to air it on TV.