Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign appears closer to holding a news conference than at any point in the last 200 days.

"I suspect that before too long there will be a news conference," Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon told MSNBC. "But even then, Tamron, I suspect that there will still be people that are suggesting that even that's not enough."

The GOP and Donald Trump claim Clinton has dodged press conferences for the past 264 days, and each send routine reminders to reporters, which the Trump campaign has dubbed, "Hiding Hillary Watch." Asked by MSNBC about the "caginess" in his answer about Clinton avoiding press conferences, Fallon sought to portray the Democratic nominee as an easily accessible candidate.

"When we started this campaign, we put an emphasis on local interviews. People said that wasn't enough, she should be doing sit-downs with national television reporters so we started doing that in the summer of 2015," Fallon said.

"Then people said, 'Well that's not enough, she needs to be talking to her national reporters that cover her day-to-day on the rope line.' And so we started doing what are known as gaggles."

He continued, "And then they said, 'Well there needs to be a podium and a formal seated audience of reporters to asking [sic] her questions,' and then we did an event a few weeks ago at the National Association of Black and Hispanic Journalists that was dubbed a press conference by the organizers of that event.

"And then people said, 'Well that doesn't count,' and so I suspect very soon, we'll, we will do, answer questions in more of a press-conference-style format, but even then I suspect that people will continue to criticize for whatever reason."

Clinton, who called into CNN for a phone interview late on Wednesday night, did indeed take questions at the black and Hispanic journalists' conference. But she was met with applause from the journalists and the organizing groups named the function, "A Conversation with Hillary."

Whether Clinton will choose to make herself less scarce in the final 74 days of the campaign remains unclear.