A Hillary Clinton spokesman on Monday defended her claim the FBI director said her email answers were "truthful" by alleging she was referring to her testimony to federal investigators.

Clinton told Fox News' Chris Wallace this Sunday: "[FBI Director James Comey] said my answers were truthful, and what I've said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails."

Her answer came in response to Wallace playing a video clip showing Clinton claiming in an interview that she did not send or receive any classified information over her private email servers.

This is not what the FBI found.

Comey has said more than once that Clinton's public comments do not match with what his team found, including when she claimed she turned over all her emails to the State Department.

On Monday, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said the Democratic presidential nominee meant she was "truthful" when she answered the Justice Department and the FBI's questions, and that she wasn't exactly referring to remarks made publicly.

"I think the question that she got yesterday was sort of suggesting that she had misrepresented things to the American people over the last several months," Fallon said Monday on MSNBC.

"And what she attempted to indicate in her response was that Director Comey was very clear when he was asked in the hearing before Congress last month about the nature of the answers she gave in her interview to the Justice Department and Director Comey was quite clear he had no reason to believe that anything she ever said to the Justice Department was at all untruthful," he added.

But a review of Clinton's interview this weekend with Wallace shows she was clearly referring to her public comments.

"After a long investigation, has FBI Director James Comey said none of those things that you told the American public were true," Wallace said after playing a video clip showing Clinton claiming incorrectly that no classified information was sent or received over her private server.

"Chris, that's not what I heard Director Comey say, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity, in my view, clarify," the Democratic presidential nominee said.

She continued, and claimed Comey said her "answers were truthful" and that what she has said in the past has been "consistent with what [she has] told the American people."

On Monday, Fallon persisted in claiming Clinton meant she had been honest with federal investigators.

"[W]hat she was indicating in that interview to Chris Wallace was that what she said to those Justice Department interviewers was entirely consistent with what she has said to the public for the last several months in the many questions we have answered on this issue."

Even if what Fallon claimed is true, and that Clinton meant she was honest with investigators, the Washington Post's fact checker still flunked her overall comments and awarded her four Pinocchios.

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