As Vice President Joe Biden considers his end-of-career decision to make one last bid for the presidency, front-runner Hillary Clinton's team has sent him a little air kiss that "we'll let him" make his own mind up.

At a media breakfast Tuesday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, senior Clinton campaign policy advisor Jake Sullivan and communications director Jennifer Palmieri looked a bit awkward when it ended with a question about Biden's potential run.

Clinton aides Jennifer Palmieri and Jake Sullivan at a media breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. Bryan Dozier/The Christian Science Monitor

Palmieri took charge:

"I think I can speak for both Jake and I that we love Vice President Biden," she said.

"Amen," said Sullivan.

"Amen. In a very sincere way, have so much respect for him," added Palmieri, who concluded, "I know he's making his decision and we'll let him go through that process."

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