It is possible to support both law enforcement agents and calls for police reforms, Hillary Clinton said Thursday in a meeting with top law enforcement officials.

"I believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand," Clinton said at the event in New York.

"Everyone is safer when there is respect for the law, and when everyone is respected by the law," she said.

The Democratic candidate met Thursday afternoon with retiring New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton; his successor, James O'Neill; Charles Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department; and former police chief of Philadelphia Charles Ramsey.

Officials representing police in Arizona, New Jersey, Texas and Washington state were also present at the roundtable discussion with Clinton.

The Democratic candidate's appeals to members of the law enforcement community is part of a delicate strategy that sees her also reaching out members of the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to raise awareness about police brutality in minority communities.

"I want to support them, our police officers, with the resources they need to do their jobs. To do them effectively, to learn from their efforts, and to apply those lessons across our nation," Clinton said.

"So we have a lot of work to do together, and we don't have a minute to lose and the people around this table are pioneering, they are reforming, they are on top of the debates and concerns that have been expressed over the last couple of years," she added, "and I think we can come together with a sense of shared purpose and a belief in our common destiny to have a purpose where we go forth united and do everything possible to respond to any legitimate questions, to find answers together, and to keep our communities safe."

She concluded, "To protect lives and property, but also respect every single American."

The meeting, which was planned several weeks ago, comes as GOP nominee Donald Trump continues to accuse Clinton of being anti-police.

"Just like Hillary Clinton is against the miners, she is against the police, believe me. You know it and I know it, and guess what? She knows it," Trump said at a campaign event this week in West Bend, Wis.

"The violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in Milwaukee is an assault on the right on all citizens to live in security and to to live in peace," Trump added. "Law and order must be restored. It must be restored for the sake of all, but most especially for those living in the affected community."

Bratton, who attended the meeting Thursday with Clinton, has been a vocal critic of Trump, and has characterized the Republican candidate as lacking "depth" on issues regarding law and order.