Hillary Clinton's new mental health plan aims to integrate America's physical and mental health systems to "significantly enhance community-based treatment opportunities."

On Monday, her campaign unveiled Clinton's proposals for how the federal government will interact with Americans living with mental illnesses. "Her goal is that within her time in office, Americans will no longer separate mental health from physical health when it comes to access to care or quality of treatment," the campaign said in a statement. "Hillary has been talking about mental health policy throughout her campaign, since hearing directly from American parents, students, veterans, nurses, and police officers about how these challenges keep them up at night."

Clinton's proposals include a national initiative for suicide prevention, integrating the country's physical and mental health systems, and criminal justice reforms that prioritize treatment over jail for "low-level, non-violent offenders," among other ideas for reform.

The Clinton campaign's decision to reveal the Democratic nominee's mental health plan on Monday comes after Donald Trump's supporters have questioned her own mental health and well-being. Fox News' Sean Hannity, an informal Trump adviser, has raised the prospect that Clinton may have had a stroke. And the Drudge Report, a pro-Trump aggregation website, splashed photos and headlines that provoked new questions about her health.

Clinton's supporters have likewise questioned Trump's temperament and fitness for office. On Sunday, former Obama adviser David Plouffe said he thought Trump met the "clinical definition" of a "psychopath."

The candidates' mental well-being and plans to help others with mental health problems could become a campaign issue during the 70 days remaining before the election.