The chief super PAC backing Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign raised approximately $9.3 million in July, and said it began this month with more than $38 million in cash to use in advertising against GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The amount raised last month by Priorities USA Action is significant, though actually a drop from its haul of $11.9 million in June, USA Today reported.

In total, Priorities has raised $110 million for Clinton's second bid for the White House, and at least $43 million of that has gone toward ad buys targeting important swing states, including Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

The Trump campaign meanwhile announced its first ad buys of the general election this week.

The businessman's first order of ads sees him spending $64,000 in Dayton, Ohio, and $8,000 in Toledo, Ohio, according to NBC News. He is also investing $270,000 for ads in Orlando, Fla., and $78,000 in Pittsburgh.

Trump's team has also placed a buy in North Carolina, though the exact amount has not yet been disclosed, according to the New York Times.

In total, the GOP nominee spent $420,000 on his first ad buy of the general election, which is far below what Hillary Clinton's team has already spent advertising in important swing states.

To date, the Clinton team has invested a combined total of $46 million in Florida ($23 million), Ohio ($17 million) and Pennsylvania ($6 million). In Pennsylvania alone, the Clinton campaign spent roughly $500,000 per day between June 15-27 in efforts to reach voters in the Keystone State.

The Democratic candidate has consistently outpaced Trump in terms of ad spending. In some cases, Trump isn't even competing.

The Clinton camp has, for example, purchased millions of dollars worth of television advertising targeting the Rio Olympics, which start on Aug. 5 and run through Aug. 21. Team Clinton and Priorities USA Action "are set to air a combined $22 million in ads from now through the end of the Olympics," NBC News reported, citing data collected by SMG Delta.

Priorities alone is slated to spend approximately $77 million in ads between the last week of August and Election Day.

In total, the Clinton campaign and Priorities "have reserved a combined $98 million through the fall so far," NBC noted.

The commercials are airing in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

The Trump campaign, for its part, has spent exactly zero dollars on Olympic television advertising, according to a survey released by Deep Root Analytics.

The Federal Election Commission will release further details on super PAC campaign fundraising and spending later Saturday evening.