Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has extended her lead in two key battleground states and is close in a third that usual goes Republican, according to a new poll.

In a new CBS poll released Sunday, Clinton is up 5 points in Florida over GOP nominee Donald Trump, 45 percent to 40 percent. She led by only 3 points among likely Sunshine State voters in June.

She has also opened up a 9 point lead in New Hampshire among likely voters, 45 percent to 36 percent — another battleground state she may take easily from Trump.

And in Georgia, the former secretary of state has moved to within 4 points of Trump. Though the state is normally not a battleground state and leans Republican, Clinton has made it more competitive than in years past.

In the Granite Sate, 91 percent of women who oppose Trump say they would not consider supporting him. Overall, Trump is losing New Hampshire women to Clinton by a 51 percent to 29 spread and only has a slight lead among men.

In Florida, roughly one-third feel like they're choosing a candidate despite disliking both, and just 2 percent feel they have two good choices between Trump and Clinton. In New Hampshire, just 1 percent feel this way.

The three states' polls were conducted Aug. 10-12. For the 1,194 likely Florida voters, the margin of error is plus or minus 3.6 points; for the 990 likely New Hampshire voters, the margin of error is plus or minus 4.3 points; and for the 988 likely Georgia voters, the margin of error is plus or minus 4.3 points.