Hillary Clinton claimed Wednesday that Donald Trump's business empire doesn't make anything in the United States, repeating yet again a statement that has already earned her a flunking grade from fact-checkers.

"This is one of the big differences that I have with Donald Trump. I have many big differences with him, but one of them is that he makes all these things – he doesn't make any of them in the United States," Clinton said during a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa.

Her remarks came as she completed a tour of Raygun, a millennial-owned shop specializing in custom t-shirts. Later, at a larger rally held at a high school a few miles away, Clinton her attacks on Trump's business record.

The problem with her claiming Trump's business interests don't make anything in the United States is that it's not true, and fact-checkers have noted this.

Though it is true many Trump-branded products are produced overseas, he is also responsible for goods made in the United States.

Trump's line of wines, for example, is produced in America. The GOP candidate's "Make America Great Again" hats are also stitched together by a small company in Los Angeles using imported goods, according to the Associated Press.

Clinton received a "false" rating from PolitiFact earlier this month after she trotted out the dubious claim against Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania.

"I find it highly amusing that Donald Trump talks about make America great again; he doesn't make a thing in America, except bankruptcies," she said.

She went on to repeat the false charge at a campaign event in Las Vegas, despite having already received flunking grades from fact-checkers.

"You know, you run for president, you need to be judged by what you have done. And I think the evidence is pretty clear: Everything he has made, he has made somewhere else," she told reporters.

On Wednesday, she said it once again, signaling she that has no intention of backing away from a charge that has already been widely debunked.