Hillary Clinton thinks Megyn Kelly is a "superb journalist," but not enough to agree to an interview.

The Fox News anchor told Variety she has tried for months to arrange an interview with Clinton, but said she has been unable to crack through the Democratic front-runner's wall of protective yes-men and handlers.

"I haven't gotten close enough to find out how [Clinton] feels. She's surrounded by so many circles, it's like you can't get through. I hope she's not going to govern like this. Am I really that scary?" Kelly said.

She maintained she is "still working" on securing the interview, but said it's up to Clinton whether it happens.

"I'm a tough interviewer when it comes to these politicians, for sure. But how can she say she deserves George Washington's job and not sit with me? What would you like to ask her? I have a lot I want to ask her about," she said.

Kelly added there are a few things that she'd like to ask Clinton, including a few questions about her ongoing State Department email scandal.

"I think anyone who has watched these presidential debates knows I'm tough but fair. My goal will not be to destroy Hillary Clinton. Nor would it be to coronate Hillary Clinton," Kelly said.

The former secretary of state meanwhile thinks Kelly is a great journalist, and she defended the anchor Tuesday from billionaire businessman Donald Trump's many personal insults and attacks.

"I think for me, the way he's conducted his campaign, the things he's said, and he has insulted everybody and he has demeaned everybody," Clinton said in an interview on ABC's "The View."

"His attitude and what he has said about so many women, the way he treated Megyn Kelly, who is a superb journalist ... I just don't understand what he thinks is the role of somebody running for president," the Democratic presidential candidate added.

Kelly has been on the receiving end of Trump's taunts and insults since August 2015, when she moderated the first GOP primary debate. She has also received numerous death threats since the August debate, prompting her to abandon most of social media.