PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton's campaign thinks a win in Florida could give her an insurmountable advantage in November.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said at a Politico breakfast that with the Sunshine State in Clinton's column, it would become "very hard" to see an electoral map that would favor Donald Trump and the GOP.

Looking toward other battleground states, Mook conceded that victory in North Carolina will be difficult. But he said his campaign hopes to replicate President Obama's success there in 2008, where Obama won by fewer than 15,000 votes.

Asked about a state he's looking at adding that others might be missing, he singled out Nebraska and referenced the Cornhusker State's second congressional district, which is held by a Democrat.

Mook also expressed confidence about his campaign's chances in Virginia, and noted that Arizona could move leftward but possibly not this cycle.

Florida, a top prize eyed by the Clinton team, could determine the balance of power in the Senate and reshape the Democratic Party. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's bid for a second term comes after a bruising GOP presidential primary that has made his vulnerabilities evident on a national stage.

And ousted Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is facing a tough congressional re-election bid against Tim Canova, who has the backing of Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders.

Florida has often helped tip the scales in presidential elections, but the Clinton campaign's focus on it suggests how they may look to counter Trump's support in Rust Belt states in play elsewhere.