Just because Hillary Clinton hasn't held a press conference in more than 260 days doesn't mean she's dodging tough questions from media, the Democratic candidate's campaign manager maintained Sunday.

The last time Clinton appeared before reporters to face impromptu questions was in December of 2015.

But it's not fair to suggest she's being cagey, Robby Mook told CBS News' John Dickerson.

"Well, the real question here is whether Secretary Clinton has been taking questions from reporters, which she absolutely has," he said. "We went and counted and she has been in more than 300 interviews with reporters this year alone."

"I know she's been on your show, and we're going to continue to do that. And there are a lot of different formats in which she can engage with reporters, whether it's those one-on-one interviews, whether it's talking with her traveling press reporters, or a press conference, and we're going to look at all of those as we move forward," he said.

In short, Mook said, it's not fair to suggest someone is hiding from the press when they are, in fact, still taking questions from the press.

"We tried to have the interns look at how many questions she took, which is a much bigger number as you would appreciate, and we haven't even finished tallying that," he said.

Clinton has done numerous sit-down interviews with various members of the press and the entertainment industry, and she has delivered dozens of campaign speeches. Clinton has also taken the occasional question from reporters covering her second run at the White House.

But these are examples of events that have been orchestrated and carefully choreographed by the Clinton campaign.

The last Clinton press conference was held before a single vote had been cast in the Democratic presidential primary. It was also a little before it became clear that Donald Trump would become the presumed GOP nominee.