Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign pushed back Wednesday against criticism of her family's foundation by laying out a lengthy defense of the charity on its website.

The "Clinton Foundation Explainer" focused extensively on the work of the Clinton Foundation and its largest spin-off, the Clinton Health Access Initiative. In rebuffing allegations that the foundation dedicates a relatively small portion of its funds to charity, the campaign highlighted praise from CharityWatch, a nonprofit watchdog.

However, another prominent nonprofit watchdog, Charity Navigator, placed the foundation on a watch list last year, citing reports of the special access donors received while Clinton served as secretary of state.

The campaign's explainer called Donald Trump a "hypocrite" for his attacks on the philanthropy given the Republican nominee's far-reaching business and personal financial ties.

"There's something particularly interesting about Donald Trump's newfound concerns about conflicts of interest," the explainer noted. "He might be best served to resolve his genuine conflicts of interests involving major Wall Street banks, foreign governments and corporate involvements."

Clinton's charity has come under fire this month following a series of document releases that showed her State Department staff accomodating the requests of foundation contributors.

While the Democratic nominee insisted last week that there was no impropriety in the contact between her staff and that of the Clinton Foundation, she has faced criticism for her refusal to address the specific allegations of pay-for-play head on through her refusal to convene a press conference.