Hillary Clinton's campaign manager laughed off a series of questions on Wednesday morning when he was repeatedly asked why the Democratic presidential nominee hasn't held a press conference in more than 260 days.

"Your candidate's number one vulnerability is the fact that … she has a double-digit deficit on the question of honesty and trustworthiness," former Bush administration communications chief Nicolle Wallace told Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook during his appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"Isn't the antidote to this to sit her down today in front of your traveling press corps people ... and let her take questions until there are no more questions to be answered?" she asked.

"Well Hillary's done over 300 interviews this year," Mook began to say before Wallace interrupted.

"I didn't talk about interviews. I know the difference between a 3-minute ground-ruled interview and a press conference because I've put on a couple of each," she said. "Why wouldn't you put [Clinton] out there to answer questions that she can certainly handle if your defense is true?"

"Well, we are. She is out there answering questions. She's done over 300 interviews this year and she takes questions in a variety of formats and we're going to keep looking at that," Mook said.

"I guess my pushback here is that nobody is asking Donald Trump about his foreign connections, or about the people who have direct influence over him," he added.

Wallace pressed Mook again by asking why the campaign wouldn't consider holding a press conference to "eradicate the perception that there was anything shady that went down" with the Clinton Foundation during Clinton's tenure at the State Department.

"Like I said, we're considering everything every day," Mook said through laughter. "She has been answering questions, she is going to continue to do that."