The Clinton campaign's policy shop published a memo on Monday arguing a Trump presidency would endanger the U.S. economy.

Donald Trump is headed to Detroit to deliver a major speech on the economy to start the week. The Clinton campaign has already begun attacking his proposals.

"The basic elements of Donald Trump's plans and his temperament have led economists and leaders from across the spectrum to argue he will lead the economy into recession," the memo states. "The Chamber of Commerce and labor unions, Mitt Romney and Elizabeth Warren, and economists on the left, right and center all agree: Trump's policies would throw us back into recession."

The Clinton campaign's memo blasts Trump for offering ideas it considers dangerous to working families nationwide.

"Hillary Clinton wants to bring Americans together to tackle the big challenges facing the country, while Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to lead — and would tear our country apart with his dangerous ideas, divisive rhetoric, and history of harming hard-working Americans," the memo states. "Hillary has a detailed plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. ... She is the only candidate with a record helping working families and a comprehensive plan to ensure working families are given a fair shot at success and opportunity."

Clinton is expected to counter Trump's plans with her own economic vision for America in a speech on Thursday, according to Bloomberg.