Hillary Clinton's campaign released an ad Wednesday ahead of Donald Trump's last-minute visit to Mexico City accusing the GOP nominee of trying to weasel out of his previous positions on immigration reform.

"Donald Trump's trying to blot out what he's said about immigration," the ad's text reads. "But his real positions are clear."

The campaign commercial then listed a litany of immigration reform-related quotes from Trump, including his call to deport the millions of undocumented workers who currently live in the United States.

"These are his plans. They need no interpretation," the ad said.

The message Wednesday comes as part of a larger effort by the Clinton campaign to combat reports that Trump has "softened" or amended his earlier position on immigration reform.

Trump himself has caused confusion on the issue by signaling last week he supported a more moderate approach to immigration reform, including a scheme whereby undocumented immigrants would be allowed to stay in the U.S. if they paid "back taxes."

However, the Republican candidate later appeared to change his mind, and suggested there would be no legal status for the nearly 11 million immigrants in the U.S.

"[T]here is no path to legalization unless people leave the country. When they come back in, if they come back in, then they can start paying taxes but there is no path to legalization unless they leave the country and come back," he said in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Trump added that "bad dudes," of whom he said there are "probably millions," would be sent back immediately if he wins the White House this fall.

And as for the undocumented non-"bad dudes" who are in the U.S. right now, Trump was not clear what he planned to do with them, and would only say "there is a very good chance" they would also be sent back.

"It's a process. You can't take 11 [million] at one time and just say: 'Boom, you're gone,'" he said.

The Clinton camp responded immediately last week to Trump's immigration remarks by claiming the nominee had not shifted or softened on anything.

"Donald Trump reinforced today that he would deport 16 million people, including every undocumented immigrant and American citizens born here to undocumented parents," Hillary for America Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement.

"Confirming what we've seen from the start of his campaign: Donald Trump will be Donald Trump. No one can change his hateful rhetoric or dangerous policies to send a deportation force into American communities, rescind [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] and [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents], end birthright citizenship and even ban remittances to families in Mexico in order to help build his giant wall," the statement added.