Hillary Clinton called on Republicans to convene a special session of Congress to pass new funding for the Zika virus as more cases crop up in Miami.

The Democratic nominee for president Tuesday afternoon toured a health center in the Florida neighborhood that is fighting Zika. She called on Republicans to adopt a funding package of $1.1 billion that didn't include riders that caused Democratic objections.

"We need to get more resources and treat this as the public health challenge as it is," she said.

Congress adjourned last month without approving a $1.1 billion funding package to fight Zika, below the $1.9 billion President Obama requested in February.

The package passed the House but stalled in the Senate over Democrats' objections. Their issues include no funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in Puerto Rico and objections to taking money from Obamacare programs to use for part of the package.

Lawmakers aren't scheduled to come back until Sept. 6. Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office said he is open to returning to pass the current funding package, but Democrats need to drop their objections to the bill.

Republicans have blamed Democrats for the impasse over funding.

Clinton called on Congress to come back and pass a bipartisan $1.1 billion funding package the Senate passed earlier this year. The package only had new funding in it, while the House passed about $650 million in funding taken from other programs.

Representatives from both chambers met in a conference committee and came up with a new $1.1 billion funding package that included $750 million in funding taken from other programs and the rest in new funding.

"We agree with Hillary Clinton that it's time Senate Democrats end the political gamesmanship and lift their hold on the House-passed $1.1 billion anti-Zika bill," AshLee Strong, spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan, told CNN.

Health officials have found 21 cases of mosquito-borne transmission in the U.S., with health officials saying that all of them stemming from a one-square-mile radius in a Miami neighborhood called Wynwood.

One case was found in Palm Beach County, but local health officials said that person got the virus in Wynwood.