Advisers to Hillary Clinton met with the head of a top defense industry association Wednesday, which already met with her rival Donald Trump earlier this summer.

David Melcher, president of the Aerospace Industries Association, a top trade association for American aerospace manufacturers, met with advisers from Hillary for America, according to Daniel Stohr, a spokesman for the association.

"As the Voice of American Aerospace and Defense, AIA's role is to educate our elected leaders, candidates for office and the general public on the importance of our industry to our economy and national security," a statement from AIA read.

Melcher met with Trump in June in New York at the request of the GOP nominee, where the two discussed "issues of importance to our industry." Top defense contractors Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon also reportedly participated in the meeting.

Before the Clinton meeting, Stohr said officials will address similar topics to those discussed in the Trump meeting.