A conservative clean energy group is backing North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr's re-election bid in November.

The group, ClearPath Action Fund, said Monday it will invest a minimum of $400,000 in a digital ad buy to tout the Republican's record as a clean energy supporter.

"The innovative campaign ... will leverage a sophisticated microtargeting strategy to identify persuadable clean energy voters," the group said.

"Senator Burr is an important conservative voice in a politically and energy-diverse state," said Jay Faison, the group's founder and CEO. "He deserves another six years to continue an increasingly central role in helping shape the road map for clean energy in North Carolina and elsewhere."

Faison said Burr recognizes that clean energy can create jobs and improve national security. As senator, he championed hydropower in his state through legislation that extended a key deadline for beginning construction of a new 4-megawatt turbine at the W. Kerr Scott Hydropower Project on the Yadkin River. Burr is also a supporter of zero-emission nuclear power plants that provide a third of North Carolina's electricity, ClearPath said.

ClearPath supports a Republican vision for clean energy that supports hydropower, the nation's leading renewable form of energy, over less reliable solar and wind energy. Faison's group also backs natural gas, nuclear power and clean coal technology.

The Action Fund has been endorsing House and Senate lawmakers that it believes support a clean energy vision, which it believes is key to winning votes for the GOP in November.

Faison is also ramping up an effort to counter left-leaning anti-fossil fuel campaigns that seek to undermine Republicans running for re-election.