Vice President Joe Biden today announced that Ron Klain is leaving. No way! Who? Wait -- someone you never heard of is leaving a job you don't care about? Come on!

Actually, Klain is huge around the White House. He's Biden's chief of staff and helped negotiate the big tax deal President Obama struck with Republicans last month, among other notable achievements.

And let us not overlook that Kevin Spacey played Klain in the (mostly unwatchable) HBO movie "Recount." Klain back in the day was CoS to Vice President Al Gore -- and during the recount, spent a lot of time shouting in conference rooms, according to the movie.

There was much speculation around the West Wing recently that Klain was a strong contender to become Obama's chief of staff, but this resignation nullifies that chatter. When Klain leaves later this month, it will be to serve as president of Case Holdings, the holding company for AOL.

Which begs the question, people still use AOL?