New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became the latest Republican presidential candidate to weigh in on rival Donald Trump's controversial comments about Mexican immigration.

Christie also criticized another Republican primary opponent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, on "America's Newsroom" Monday morning.

"Donald made some comments that I think those of us who have feelings about it, reacted to. I think that's what he would expect. He tries to provoke reaction, that's part of who Donald is," Christie said. "But on this one we disagree. I think those comments are inappropriate."

Christie then slammed Cruz's defense of Trump.

"I disagree with [Cruz] about him lecturing about Republican-on-Republican violence. This is a guy who sponsored primary ads against sitting Republican United States senators, and one, quite frankly, I admired a great deal, like Lamar Alexander," said Christie. "So let's not be hypocritical."

This comes after Cruz's interview Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," where the Texas senator said that he "salute[s]" Trump's attempt to address illegal immigration. Cruz said that while Trump "has a colorful way of speaking" that is very different from his own, he does not want to slam a fellow GOP candidate.

"I refuse to engage in the media's game of throwing rocks and attacking other Republicans," Cruz said. "I'm just not gonna do it."

Christie called the senator's position "ironic."

"Don't lecture us on Donald Trump, but then attack Lamar Alexander," said Christie. "All I want is a little consistency."

Christie didn't think that the Republican presidential race will degenerate into attacks, but he acknowledged it will be contentious at times.

"It's a competition," said Christie. "All the folks who are running for president all want to be the nominee so there's going to be competition, there's going to be differences of opinion."

Christie also said he didn't think Trump's comments would impact GOP efforts to attract the Latino vote.