New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has a request for the media on behalf of his fellow Republican presidential candidates: Stop asking us about Donald Trump.

The two-term governor refused to discuss Trump's impact on the Republican Party on Fox News Monday and said "nobody in the real world" has asked about the business mogul's controversial comments during Christie's town hall meetings in New Hampshire or Maine.

"This will be the 15th time I've answered this now [and] it will be the last time I say it," Christie told the hosts of FNC's Fox & Friends. "Nobody in the real world asks me about this. Nobody. Every time I get on a media show, all anybody wants to talk about is Donald Trump."

According to Christie, voters in New Hampshire and elsewhere are more concerned with the threat of ISIS and rising levels of student debt than Trump's antics. Christie says the media could better serve Americans by asking candidates about their policy and reform proposals.

"We've talked about this over and over again," Christie said. "We should be talking about education reform and not continually talking about all this stuff. Enough. We've answered the question."

"[But] that's not what I get asked. I get asked about Donald Trump's comments," he said.

A recent report by the Washington Free Beacon supports Christie's claim that the media is obsessed with discussing "The Donald."

The report tracked CNN's coverage for 24 hours and found that pundits and guests said Trump's full name more than 230 times in the 24-hour cycle while mentions of ISIS, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the Iran nuclear deal paled in comparison.