New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie said for "the fifteenth time" that presidential candidate Donald Trump's comments on immigration were "inappropriate."

In an interview Monday with "Fox & Friends," Christie said it was time to stop talking about Trump's comments and focus on other issues such as "terrorism, debt, and the real problem that families are having these days sending their kids to college and affording it," issues he said American families actually care about.

"We've talked about this over and over again," Christie said on "Fox & Friends." "We should be talking about all the significant problems we have in this country, like entitlement reform. We should be talking about education reform and not continue to be talking about all this stuff. Enough. We've answered the question."

Christie also said that "nobody in the real world" asks him about Trump, but that every time he is interviewed on a media show, "all anybody wants to talk about is Donald Trump."

"If you want to talk about the things we need to do to address the immigration system, but that's not what I get asked," Christie said. "What I get asked is about Donald Trump and his comments. His comments have nothing to do with — nothing to do with — immigration and how we deal with the immigration system."

The Washington Free Beacon reported that CNN said "Donald Trump" 239 times in a 24-hour period from 3 p.m. on July 8 to 3 p.m. on July 9. An iQ media search reported that CNN only mentioned "ISIS" 61 times, "Iran" 35 times, "John Kerry" 18 times and "nuclear deal" six times during this same 24-hour time frame.