New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted a top pollster who found him trailing several Republican presidential candidates in the early primary state of New Hampshire.

"First of all, it's a Monmouth University poll, so you guys should know by now that the Monmouth University polls [are] created just to aggravate me," Christie reportedly told members of the press during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. "Just look at Patrick Murray and his tweets, there couldn't be a less objective pollster about Chris Christie in America."

Murray is the executive director of the polling institute at Monmouth University. In the institute's latest poll, Christie placed among the bottom half of GOP candidates with just 4 percent support among likely Republican voters in New Hampshire.

"Despite spending much of his time [in New Hampshire], Christie does much better as a second choice rather than the first pick," Murray said in a press release Tuesday.

The Garden State governor described Murray as a "liberal advocate" to reporters and questioned whether "anybody really care[s]" about the New Jersey-based institute's polling data.

"You think nationally people are on the edge of their seat waiting for the Monmouth University poll to come out? I mean, please, stop," Christie said, according to NJ Advance Media.

"I mean, there are polls and there are polls, guys, and part of the problem is that no one exercises any quality control over what you should listen to and not listen to — and that's why I've said all along, I don't really care about that stuff," he added.

Prior to Christie's presidential announcement in late June, Murray had planned to ask New Jersey voters if their governor would "make a good president" since Christie had told Fox News' Megyn Kelly that New Jerseyans were reluctant to support his presidential bid because they wanted him to remain in place as governor.

"When your favorability ratings are even lower than your job approval ratings, it suggests they don't think you're up to the job," Murray had said at the time, according to "[I]t certainly doesn't suggest they love you, which is really what the underlying this is: We love you so much that we want you back."

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Christie is in eighth place nationally among the current field of GOP candidates with just 4 percent support.