New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the Obama administration couldn't negotiate the purchase of a new car in his second televised ad since launching his presidential campaign. His slogan is "telling it like it is," and this time Christie's target is the nuclear agreement with Iran.

"This was negotiated so badly that you wouldn't let this president buy a car for you at a car dealership," Christie can be seen saying. "Now, he's lying to the American people about how the deal's going to work. I would've walked away from the table."

Christie invokes President Ronald Reagan's actions on foreign policy to describe how he would have chosen to proceed and claimed that President Obama "gave away the store to the Iranians."

Christie will be on the stump in Iowa Friday before returning to New Hampshire on Sunday. He has collected endorsements from other Republican governors in the Northeast and is counting on performing well in New Hampshire to get momentum going in his direction. He is polling behind eight other Republicans nationally, according to RealClearPolitics' average of polls.