Critics have panned the keynote speech by Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., at the Republican National Convention, but Christie defended the speech as the best way to reach swing voters.

“It’s what they wanted us to do,” Christie told Fox News’ Sean Hannity this evening when asked if he thought liberal political operatives hoped he would take a belligerent tone with President Obama. Christie, saying that Obama’s record speaks for itself (badly), argued that “really tearing the hide off of him” would not persuade swing voters.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York argued that Christie softened his speech too much. “Overall, though, Christie’s address, which focused largely on his own accomplishments in New Jersey and was light on attacks on President Obama, failed to convey the spirit — the essential Christie-ness — that millions have seen in YouTube videos of the New Jersey governor in action,” York wrote last night.

But Christie defended his decision to discuss his record.”It’s our job to say to Republicans, independents, and right-thinking Democrats — to say ‘here are our ideas, here is why you should vote for us,’” he told Hannity.