The American Farm Bureau Federation and the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau have sued the Environmental Protection Agency to block the EPA’s new Chesapeake Bay restoration plan on the grounds that the EPA is unlawfully “micromanaging” state actions to clean up bay pollution.

“We all want a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay,” American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman said in a statement. “This lawsuit is how we get there. Farm Bureau believes that the EPA’s ‘diet’ for the Chesapeake is dangerous and unlawful.”

The plan, which sets strict pollution diets for the Chesapeake Bay in six states and the District of Columbia, is the most ambitious attempt to date to restore the environmental quality of the bay.

In addition to questioning the EPA’s legal authority to set the guidelines for the Chesapeake, the farm bureaus challenged the EPA’s scientific models for setting pollution limits and argued that the public wasn’t given enough time to comment on the plan.