Cher raised eyebrows Tuesday for saying at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser that the Democratic candidate is tougher than "Chinese algebra," and that Donald Trump a "f—-ing idiot."

The Clinton surrogate's comments came as she opened for the former secretary of state at a campaign event in Provincetown, Mass.

"This chick is just tougher than Chinese algebra," Cher told an audience comprised largely of members from the LGBT community.

She added of Clinton's other characteristics, "She is shy, and she's not the greatest speaker in the world."

Cher spoke for nearly 16 minutes at an event which ended up pulling in $1 million for the Clinton campaign, the New York Times reported

Video of the popstar's remarks were posted to Facebook following her appearance.

Though Cher had a lot of positive things to say about Clinton, she also had a lot of negative things to say about the GOP nominee.

When the Republican candidate says he wants to "make America great again," she said, what he really means is that he wants, "to make America straight and white."

"I totally fear for your safety," she said, adding that gay people would be "totally screwed" if Trump wins the White House. "I fear for you. They will try to take away every one of your rights."

As her address in Provincetown continued, she became increasingly pointed and explicit in her criticism of the GOP nominee.

Trump "doesn't give a s—- about the world," she said. "He just says, like, the weirdest s—-."

In reference to Trump's LGBT outreach efforts, she said, "I just think he's a f—-ing idiot."

The crowd ate it up.

Cher also drew a none-too-subtle comparison between Trump and notable dictators, saying Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler also wanted to make their countries "great again."

"I just wish [Trump would] fall off the face of the earth," she said as she wound down her speech. "I know that if he got into office our world would be the worst place. I don't think we can imagine how bad it could get."

"I think if breaking news ever happened and he had to go to the podium, we would just all go, 'f—-," she said.