The Olympic journey of Troy Doris, a charter school teacher from Chicago, has come to an end.

Doris, representing his parents' home country of Guyana, finished seventh in the triple jump competition Tuesday. His best distance was 16.9 meters, less than one meter behind the gold medal-winning distance.

Maureen Kelleher of Education Post writes that Doris is a physical education teacher at Bulls College Prep, part of the Noble Network of Charter Schools. Kelleher spoke to the principal at Bulls College Prep, who talked about how humble Doris is. "When I met Troy, he didn't walk in saying, 'Oh, I'm an Olympian,'" Principal Wendy Erskine said. "He made a very vague mention of it, saying, 'Oh, in my spare time I'm a triple jumper.' It took us a while to figure out he was going to trials."

Erskine added that Doris isn't just good at triple jump, he's good at teaching too. "Our 11th and 12th graders have high expectations for PE teachers. I've had students ask to be in his classroom. He's incredibly knowledgeable. ... He tries to talk with kids about the bigger picture, not just how to do an air squat."

Doris holds the Guyanese record in triple jump, thanks to a 17.18 meter jump in May.

The event was won by Christian Taylor of the United States, who jumped 17.86 meters. Will Claye of the U.S. won the silver medal and Dong Bin of China won bronze.

Jason Russell is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.