Hillary Clinton doesn't fight with members of the press like GOP nominee Donald Trump, but that's because she won't talk to them, CBS News' Nancy Cordes said Wednesday.

"[Trump's] combative approach is a far cry from Clinton's," she said. "She's generally too busy ignoring reporters to insult them."

The Democratic nominee hasn't held a single press conference in 2016. In contrast, Trump has already held 17 unscripted, back-and-forth conversations with members of the press.

Clinton has participated in dozens of sit-down interviews this year, but almost all of these exchanges have been highly orchestrated events involving her answering mostly softball questions, lobbed by persons of her choosing.

Last week, when some reporters tried to pin Clinton down with specific questions about her claim Trump has legitimized racist hate-groups, she ignored their questions entirely and instead tried to distract them with chocolate.

Clinton spoke at a journalism convention in Washington, D.C., earlier this month that her campaign claimed counted as a "press conference."

However, the convention, which included nearly a dozen instances of attendees clapping and cheering the Democratic presidential candidate, saw her taking questions only from pre-approved journalists.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists president Mekahlo Medina said afterwards that's Clinton's Q&A with pre-selected journalists definitely counted as a "press event."

"What happened today is Hillary Clinton took questions from members of the media. I don't know if people want to call that a press conference or not, but that's what happened," he said. "I've been a journalist for a long time. Anytime there's somebody who takes questions from the press at a large event, that constituted a press conference."

Along with her lack of press conferences in 2016, the Clinton campaign has also barred reporters from covering fundraising events.