This is the part we agree on with Mel Kiper: The Redskins need a young quarterback -- that means drafting one.

This is the part we're not sold on: Kiper said the Redskins will take Auburn quarterback Cam Newton with the 10th overall pick.

Newton may be the guy, but because of his background, there's a lot left to learn about him. He fits the mold of what Redskins coach Mike Shanahan would want. He has the arm strength, and he's athletic. But Newton has made just 14 starts, was accused of academic improprieties while at Florida and was arrested for stealing a laptop computer. Plus, his father was accused essentially of trying to sell his son to Mississippi State.

Other than that, there are no red flags.

But if Newton emerges somewhat clean after months of being under an intense microscope, then Kiper said, "He's certainly worthy of being a top-10 pick."

Kiper is not sold on Arkansas' Ryan Mallett, who has a top-10 arm but struggles to make plays on the move and also has questions about his intangibles. He's also a long strider, which leads to accuracy issues. Nor is he sold on Washington's Jake Locker. With good reason, we'll add.

But note that Kiper said Shanahan liked Locker last year and said he would have selected him fourth overall had he been in the draft. Kiper called Locker's senior season subpar.

"And I'm being kind when I call it subpar," he said. "If he can't get it done vs. college defenses, can you do it in the NFL? ... His stock has dropped."

And if Missouri's Blaine Gabbert slips to 10? (Which is unlikely, by the way). Then Kiper says the Redskins have to consider him. But the knock on Gabbert is that he played in a spread offense, which does not develop quarterbacks well for the NFL.

Regardless, there may be no quick fix at this position.

"I don't see any of them having a real good year if they're forced to play," he said. "Everyone will have growing pains."