Democratic strategist James Carville said on Tuesday that someone will be "going to hell" for launching a political attack on the Clinton Foundation.

"Somebody is going to hell over this," the former campaign adviser for both Bill and Hillary Clinton said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Carville said he would have recommended that the charitable foundation deny foreign donations when Clinton became secretary of state.

"If you ask me as a political adviser, of course. If you ask me as a human being, I'm not too sure. As a human being, I think that money does an enormous amount of good," Carville said.

Clinton has been accused of giving special treatment to foundation donors while she served as secretary of state. The foundation announced Monday it would no longer accept international donations if she is elected president.

"What the Clinton Foundation does is it takes money from rich people and gives it to poor people. Most people think that's a pretty good idea," Carville said. "This is saving people's lives"

"That's B.S.," host Joe Scarborough responded. "If it's a great charity it can stand on its own and other people can raise money for it. It's not a zero-sum game. It's not having Bill Clinton raise money while his wife is running for president or else we are all going to hell and little kids are going to die across the planet."

"They're gonna," said Carville, who argued the charity largely relied on the international popular appeal of former President Bill Clinton to raise funds for its work.