Former President Jimmy Carter said he will throw his support behind the Democratic presidential candidate, but also said Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has not yet "proven" herself to be as capable of a politician as her husband.

"I think they're both superb politicians," Carter said of the Clintons. "I think Bill has a reputation of being maybe one of the best politicians who ever lived in his success, not only while he was in office but since then."

"And I don't have any doubt that Hillary will have learned all, or had to begin with, the same abilities as a politician. But I think that still has to be proven," Carter added.

Despite Clinton's lead in the Democratic race, Carter said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that he will not support her until she wins.

"I don't think there's much doubt that she's going to get the Democratic nomination," Carter said. "Although Bernie Sanders seems to be doing quite well in Iowa and New Hampshire, and I think that when the Republicans decide among their 15 or 20 candidates, then I will be eager to give the Democratic nominee my support."

Carter also said that world events could affect the public's decision in the presidential race.

"I think it's still unpredictable, but I am hoping we will have a Democratic president next term," Carter said.

Over a year ago, Carter said that when Clinton was secretary of state, she "took very little action to bring about peace" and that when John Kerry assumed her position he took action to fix these problems, Time Magazine reported.

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