Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Republican primary candidate Dr. Ben Carson said that he believes the United States economy is headed the way of Greece if the country doesn't rein in its spending immediately.

"We are going in the direction of Greece" Carson told the Washington Examiner after speaking at a House Party in Iowa sponsored by the Faith and Freedom Coalition. "Republicans are doing it, Democrats are doing it, its one of the reasons I got in this race because they're always talking about fixing stuff but them they're just continuing to go down this path."

Greece recently had to have their economy bailed out for the third time by the European union because there debt greatly outweighed their gross domestic product.

The United States is on the path to loose its ability to create money because of the growing $14 trillion debt the United States has, Carson suggested during his speech. Carson told the crowds of Iowans that the United States has to be "smart enough" to stop allowing the debt to grow and to do everything in our power to start shrinking it and" fire up the economic engine which is incredible if we do it right."

"The longer you take, the more severe and Draconian the solutions." he said.

Carson, who is not a politician by trade, has been skyrocketing in the polls with his outsider's message. While in Cedar Rapids he told an adoring crowd that he can talk about these economic issues other politicians shy away from because he's "not a politician."