RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The majority leader of the Republican U.S. House of Representatives is going to debate a Democratic political newcomer next month.

Congressman Eric Cantor and Wayne Powell will meet before a Virginia Chamber of Commerce audience on Sept. 28.

Ray Allen, Cantor's political adviser, says the Chamber invitation was attractive because the organization is respected and Cantor is confident the event will be fair.

Virginia's leading business advocacy organization predominantly backs Republicans. The Virginia Public Access Project says 78 percent of the Chamber's $148,706 in contributions to state candidates and committees since 2002 went to Republicans, 18 percent to Democrats and 4 percent to independents.

Cantor's previous debates paired him against state Sen. Steve Martin in a 2000 GOP primary and Democratic "Dukes of Hazzard" actor Ben "Cooter" Jones in 2002.