Mitt Romney:

Romney Touts Cash Advantage Over Obama

Romney, Obama Open Up About Religious Views

Scott Walker to campaign for Romney in Michigan

President Obama:

Obama hits Romney as elitist, out of touch on education policy

Obama Campaign Will Blast Email from Sandra Fluke About Akin Comments

Obama puts another Bain alum in his budget office

Madeleine Albright campaigns for Obama: We’re going to blame Bush ‘forever’

Vice President Joe Biden:

Biden Will Be in Tampa During RNC

RNC Chair: Bring On Biden

Biden blooper: Obama has demonstrated ‘real measurable process’

Eagles fan Joe Biden flashes Vikings hat in Minnesota: ‘I love the Vikings!’

Paul Ryan:

Paul Ryan Sticks to Fitness Routine on Road

Ryan: I have more foreign-policy experience than Obama in 2008

Paul Ryan: I’m a Catholic deer hunter who clings to guns and religion