TAMPA, Fla. - Jam rocker band Camp Freddy's schtick is that it bring interesting guests to play along with them. On Tuesday night's Republican National Convention performance those guests included Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath (yes, he played "Fly") and singer/actress Juliette Lewis, known to many for her kooky part in the movie "Old School."

On the rocker side of the spectrum, we spotted Josie Stevens, who appeared on E!'s reality show "Married to Rock." Her husband, Steve, played with the band Tuesday night, standing in for rocker Dave Navarro, who had a conflicting gig.

As far as pols go, we ran into former Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, who now heads the Motion Picture Association of America. Dodd hung out at the 1 Oak pop-up venue for several hours, occasionally taking in some of the RNC primetime speeches. "California is an important constituency for the motion picture [and] television industry," Dodd told Yeas & Nays. "So they invited me to come down to come of their events." The Camp Freddy concert was being put on by the California delegation as a benefit for Wounded Warriors.

As for Dodd's Democratic roots, he said the Republicans were treating him well. "Contrary to what people think, we actually like each other and get along, much better than the reputation," he said.