The next president will be sporting some new wheels on his or her Inauguration Day in January.

A Michigan photographer released photos Friday of the presidential limousine that General Motors is believed to be working on in Milford, Mich.

Although GM has not confirmed it was awarded government contracts to work on the next series of the bulletproof limo, known in Washington as the "Beast," photos by KGPPhotography indicate the project is well underway.

GM is working on a fleet of 12 presidential limos with the $15.8 million it was awarded to manufacture the motorcade's most important vehicle, Fox News reported.

But the 45th president will not be riding in a classic black limo. Next year's Cadillac-branded Beast will be camouflaged with black, white and gray squiggly lines covering the outside of the vehicle, based on the photos.

It will model President Obama's current vehicle, which boasts a faux-sedan body on top of a medium-duty truck chassis, capable of holding the 15,000 pounds of armor it is dressed in.

The new model will have a grille and headlight design similar to the Cadillac Escalade's latest series.