Call logs from the office of Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's chief of staff at the State Department, show Mills had frequent contact with top executives at the Clinton Foundation.

The logs, which were obtained by Citizens United through the Freedom of Information Act, indicate the foundation's chief operating officer, Laura Graham, called Mills often to discuss State Department business.

For example, Graham called Mills in February of 2012 to deliver a message relevant to the chief of staff's upcoming meeting with an unidentified prime minister. The previous month, she had contacted Mills regarding "sensitive" issues that included Haiti relief.

Mills was also in contact with Stephanie Streett, executive director of the Clinton Foundation, and Ira Magaziner, CEO of the Clinton Health Access Initiative, the records show.

The documents were the latest in a series of productions Monday that shed new light on the close connections between the controversial charity and the State Department under Clinton's leadership.

Mills received regular calls from Douglas Band, a former Clinton Foundation employee who had, by 2012, decamped to start his own consulting firm. That company, Teneo Strategies, employed fellow Clinton aide Huma Abedin at the time that many of his messages appear in the logs.

In one message from Aug. 2011, Graham referred to "our boss," but did not specify to whom she was referring.

Like the thousands of emails from Clinton's private server that have been made public to date, the phone records from Mills' office offer a glimpse of the access afforded to executives and political insiders.

For example, Mills took calls from Bob Boorstin, then an executive at Google, Anne Finucane, vice chairman at Bank of America and Marne Levine, an executive at Facebook.