A top executive at Campbell Soup is no longer with the company after claiming that Democratic billionaire George Soros' foundation was supporting the migrant caravan en route to the southern U.S. border.

Kelly Johnston, who was vice president of government affairs, had her last day on Thursday, a Campbell's spokesperson confirmed.

Johnston was slated to depart in early November, but the timeline was sped up after his tweet that Soros' Open Society Foundations helped arrange for the caravan the "troop carriers and the rail cars taking them north."

"In the last few days, the company and Mr. Johnston have agreed that under the current circumstances it would be best to accelerate the timing of his departure," the spokesperson said.

Interim chief executive officer Keith McLoughlin wrote to Open Society's president Patrick Gaspard earlier in the week to say that Johnston's remarks "do not represent the position of Campbell and are inconsistent with how Campbell approaches public debate."

Fox Business on Sunday removed an episode of "Lou Dobbs Tonight" due to comments made by Judicial Watch official Chris Farrell that a "Soros-occupied State Department" was backing the caravan.