A top member in President George W. Bush's administration is endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

"I have disagreed with and criticized Hillary Clinton's positions, but I have come to the conclusion that she would be a far better president than the Republican candidate could ever be," Rosario Marin, the former U.S. treasurer, said in an op-ed Wednesday.

Marin, who became a United States citizen in 1984, became the first Mexican-born U.S. treasurer in 2001. In her op-ed for Univision, she brags about being "proud to vote for Ronald Reagan's election."

It was Donald Trump's "contempt for Mexican immigrants" that first turned Marin off of the GOP nominee.

"I have voiced my disgust and have warned one and all of the perilous threat he was to our party, our nation and the world," she wrote, expressing exasperation that the GOP did not listen to her.

By electing Trump as the Republican Party's nominee, it became clear that "my party right now doesn't want my vote nor that of my community. Evidently it is not important, or not as important as some other voting bloc," Marin lamented.

Instead, it is Clinton who will get her vote, Marin revealed, citing her past political experiences.

"She understands that words spoken from the White House have consequences, that sarcasm is not a strategy when dealing with delicate world situations, that our friends and foes listen to every word spoken by our president and react accordingly," Marin said.

She concluded: "My party and its standard bearer leave me no choice; On Nov. 8, I will vote for Hillary Clinton."

Marin joins scores of Republicans who have deflected from their party to vote for Clinton.