Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has raised $11.4 million in the 16 days since he formally declared his presidential campaign.

That's not bad. But his Right to Rise super PAC has raised $103 million since opening up shop in January.

"Jeb is encouraged and grateful for the tremendous early support and enthusiasm his candidacy has generated since he launched his campaign," Bush national finance chairman Woody Johnson said in a statement released by the campaign. "We are confident our campaign will have the resources needed to get Jeb's conservative record, message and vision for the future out to voters across the country."

Jack Oliver, Bush's national finance co-chair, said, "Jeb is working hard and running to win."

Bush's 2016 campaign has raised an average of more than $710,000 per day. The super PAC will exceed the combined fundraising totals of the other 15 major Republican presidential candidates.

After an underwhelming start to the year in which Bush failed to deter other Republicans from running for president, with the significant exception of 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, the ex-governor has regained the lead in recent national polls of GOP primary voters. These fundraising numbers are another sign of momentum.

The delicate dance between Bush's official campaign and the affiliated super PAC is expected to break new ground in post-Citizens United campaign finance. Bush delayed declaring his presidential campaign in part to prolong the period of time he could legally raise money for Right to Rise.