A Royal British Navy second lieutenant deployed to Quantico was arrested after he allegedly broke into a Fredericksburg church over the weekend, police said.

Edmund Whitehead, 22, was arrested for burglary, destruction of property, and assault on law enforcement, according to Fredericksburg police.

At about 12:35 a.m., officers were in the vicinity working on another case when they heard glass breaking and saw a large object being thrown from a window of Fredericksburg Baptist Church, located at 1019 Princess Anne St. While officers set up a secure perimeter around the church, they heard crashing sounds come from inside of it.

Whitehead exited the building, police said. He spit on a police officer while he was being taken into custody, and he continued spitting after he was put in a patrol car.

Police believe Whitehead entered the church by forcing the lock on the front door. The door was damaged, as were two stained glass windows.