Interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile said Sunday that Republicans are only accusing Hillary Clinton of engaging in pay-to-play practices as secretary of state because she's a Democrat.

"When Republicans meet with their donors, their supporters [and] their activists, they call it a meeting. When Democrats do it, they call it a conflict," Brazile told CBS' John Dickerson. "It's not pay-to-play unless someone actually gave someone $0.50 to say 'I need a meeting.'"

She continued, "In this great country of ours, when you meet with constituents, when you meet with heads of State, when you meet with people like Bono, who I love, you meet with them because they want to bring a matter to your attention."

"That's not pay-to-play," Brazile repeated. "It's called that when Democrats do it, it's not called that when Republicans do it."

Brazile's defense of Clinton comes as the Democratic presidential hopeful faces mounting questions about the access Clinton granted to foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation during her tenure at the State Department. Internal State Department emails released last week by conservative group Judicial Watch showed several Clinton Foundation donors scoring meetings with the former secretary of state after reaching out to her top aides.

"I don't want to say that's how Washington works," Brazile told Dickerson when asked if such practices are commonplace in the nation's capital. "But let me just say I'm a very, very strong supporter of the Clinton Foundation. This is a foundation that has done remarkable work."