Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi is sick and tired of waiting to find out if the FBI is going to recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton, and she believes the amount of time the investigation is taking should be a crime.

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"The probe, underway for a year now, addresses a fundamental question: Did Clinton intentionally or recklessly forward classified information in a way that put the country at risk?" Vennochi wrote in her Wednesday column. "Getting the answer sooner rather than later seems only fair.

"Democrats have a special interest in reaching closure before picking their nominee," Vennochi said. "Even the most loyal Clinton supporters wonder if an indictment is more than right-wing wishful thinking."

Vennochi was addressing a statement made by FBI Director James Comey earlier this week that he felt no urgency to finish the investigation in the immediate future. "The urgency is to do it well and promptly. And 'well' comes first," Comey told a gathering of law enforcement agents in New York.

FBI sources over the last several weeks have told a number of media outlets that Comey is preparing to interview Clinton and some of her associates in the near future. Yet as of Sunday, Clinton said, the FBI had still failed to request such an interview.

"From a purely political perspective, it would have been better if it happened months ago," Vennochi wrote. "If it ended Clinton's presidential ambitions, so be it. She could have at least moved on with her life, and the party could have moved onto another candidate."

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"If no one committed any crime with the email set-up, Clinton's judgment can still be questioned. She now acknowledges it was a mistake. But that's different from facing assertions she should be in jail — as Donald Trump has charged — because of the way she handled her email," Vennochi added.

"An endless investigation leaves a perpetual cloud over her head. That's not a crime, but it should be," she concluded.