Top Republican leaders in the House have instructed relevant committees to investigate Planned Parenthood, after a video was made public indicating that the group may be selling fetal body parts for profit.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, released a statement saying that "nothing is more precious than life," and that if Planned Parenthood is really working to "monetize an unborn child," then "we must all act."

"As a start, I have asked our relevant committees to look into this matter," Boehner said in a statement. "I am also calling on President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to denounce, and stop, these gruesome practices."

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said in a separate statement that he is ordering House committees to "investigate inhumane abortion practices," which surfaced Tuesday in an undercover video recorded by a pro-life organization.

"I speak for all of my colleagues when I say I was deeply disturbed by reports and video of an organization engaging in such grotesque and inhumane practices." McCarthy said. "I will be working with House Committees to investigate the claims made by the employee. We should all agree that no life is expendable, and our society has no place for such callous indifference to life."

McCarthy follows other House and Senate lawmakers who have called for an investigation into the matter.

Shortly after those statements were released, the House Energy & Commerce Committee announced that it has begun an investigation into the video.

"This video is abhorrent and rips at the heart," said Committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., and other top Republicans on the panel. "The committee will get to the bottom of this appalling situation."

The House Judiciary Committee also announced its own investigation.

"The House Judiciary Committee is investigating these horrific acts including ascertaining how Congress might act," said Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va. "The prospects of altering an abortion procedure in order to preserve intact the organs of aborted children, including their brains, reminds us yet again of the horrors of late-term abortions, and the need for the Senate to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act."

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The video produced by the nonprofit group Citizens for Medical Progress shows a Planned Parenthood director talking about salvaging fetal body parts from an abortion. The clip has prompted outrage in the pro-life community and among GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Several GOP Senators who are running for president have called on Congress to defund the organization.