Businessman Paul Nehlen may have been swamped by House Speaker Paul Ryan in a Republican primary last week, but he's not done with politics just yet.

The 47-year-old will now serve as chairman of a new political action committee supporting GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Nehlen is set to hold a news conference Monday in Wisconsin to discuss his plans with Citizens Revolt PAC, according to the Washington Post. He is set to use his new role to speak at events nationwide and in the media to attack Trump's GOP critics.

Though Nehlen overwhelmingly lost the Aug 9. primary — Ryan won 84 percent of the vote — he found an ally in the populist and nationalist wing of the Republican Party. Nehlen and his allies are set to take the support he received from right-wing figures such as Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin to continue to rally against the GOP's leadership.

"We're launching," Nehlen said in an email, "to amplify the voices of hard-working Americans who have had enough of party leadership and who are ready to put out to pasture the political dynasties running America."

He added: "Millions of hard-working Americans have had enough of the Clinton dynasty and they've had enough of career politicians colluding to keep outsiders like Donald Trump, who echoes their thoughts, out of power."

According to the Post, the super PAC will advertise on television, radio and digital outlets, as well as direct mail.

In working to support Trump — who at first had declined to endorse Speaker Ryan's re-election bid — the super PAC will also rally against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

An aide told the Post in an email that Nehlen's mission will also be to "put on notice" any anti-Trump politician.

"You will be made to answer to the grassroots," the aide wrote.