Who knew crazily blogging about "The Real World D.C." cast could put you in the running for a full-time MTV job?

During filming last year, 23-year-old Northern Virginia native Elizabethany Ploger made a name for herself online for "stalking" the cast. Early on, she made it a goal to get into the house. (She never did). She would seek out cast members at local bars and film their antics for her blog "Love, Elizabethany," sometimes even getting "Real World" roommates in trouble.

"They knew I wasn't allowed to go in [the house] and they got fined $100 every time they talked to me," she told Yeas & Nays.

These days Ploger, who recently relocated to College Station, Texas, has a much better relationship with the network. She's in the running to be MTV's first TJ.

TJ you ask?

Well, back in the day, MTV had VJs, or video jockeys, who were on air between the showing of videos. The next iteration of this it the Twitter Jockey.

"We would be the face of all social media on MTV," Ploger explained. "They'd be able to talk to us and we'd talk back -- it would be like giving the fans a real chance to talk with MTV."

Ploger's not the only one with D.C. ties who is in the running to be a TJ.

Twenty-six-year-old Columbia Heights resident Rachael King, better known as "LiLu," got MTV's attention for her pop culture humor blog "LivItLuvIt," and is competing as well.

"I've met the majority of my friends in D.C. through it," she said about her blog.

The winner of the contest will get a one-year gig with MTV in New York City and $100,000. Five finalists will be chosen and will head to NYC where the winner will be announced Aug. 8.