Oh sure, I know Alec Baldwin doesn't like me very much. (Though I might add, being insulted by the man is very good for your career.) But don't worry, if he decides to run for office -- I promise to put any personal feelings aside and be as tough on him as every other politician:

Actor Alec Baldwin says he is "very, very interested" in running for political office but to leave acting would be "extremely painful."The "30 Rock" star made the comments in an interview to air Wednesday on CNN's "Parker Spitzer."Knowing Baldwin's long-running interest in politics, Eliot Spitzer asked him if he was ready to "get into this game.""The answer is: Yes, it's something that I am very, very interested in," Baldwin said. "People would say to me all the time, 'Why would you want to do that?' And sometimes I don't want to do it because to leave what I am doing now would be extremely painful."

If you still have no sympathy for the guy, Caitlin Flanagan's review of Baldwin's book on divorce is highly recommended.

And yes, this is the most exciting bit of news produced by Parker Spitzer to date.