That's one of the latest revelations from the former governor's trial, brought to us by Bill McMorris from Illinois Statehouse News.

Rod Blagojevich's former second-in-command said the Illinois governor didn't just run from his executive responsibilities, he hid from them as well.

Bob Greenlee, who served as deputy governor for Illinois in 2008, said Blagojevich would dodge former budget director John Filan by hiding out in the bathroom. The game of hide-and-seek came at a time when Illinois was running a multi-billion dollar deficit.

While that may seem immature, at least he was at the office—an atypical occurrence, according to Greenlee's testimony Thursday at Blagojevich's federal corruption trial. Blagojevich usually worked from home or his Chicago campaign headquarters, Greenlee said, only coming into the office for two to eight hours a week.

Greenlee had a busy job tracking Rod down to sign or veto laws and discuss policy.